12 things I’m obsessed with:

1. The Twilight Saga
2. Television/movies
3. Babies :)
4. Colors red & black
5. Tigers
6. Dolphins
7. Romance ;)
8. Vampires in general lol
9. Zebra print
10. Glasses (shot, drinking, antique)
11. Facebook!
12. My love, forever & always, Jon <3

OMG, I wish i could find the original post of this, because i would reblog it soooooo many times!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY! XD

OMG, I wish i could find the original post of this, because i would reblog it soooooo many times!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY! XD

6 things about me & Jon’s relationship:

1. He spoils me rotten! Although I only allow him to every so often 
2. I couldn’t stand just being friends with him when we met ;)
3. We’re only an hour away from each other, but it literally hurts when we’re away from each other for too long :(
4. We’re similar in some ways, but polar opposites in other ways :)
5. He’s my adventure & I’m his paranoia (he gets me to try new things & I help him see when things are weird/scary lol) 
6. I could not imagine my life without him…I’ll be with him forever & always <3

1st two MCM & WCW

My Harry Potter Reality Posts from Dec 2013:

Things in HP I wish were real.(I came up with this idea on my own, I didn’t find it on a site or from someone else’s page)

1. The memory viles and pensieve from HP4 & 6! I will hate forgeting those very special memories when I get older :(
2. Dobby the house elf!
3.  Flying broomsticks from like all the movies, DUH!!!
4.  Invisibility Cloak for sure! I would play so many tricks on people, sneak out on checks, & maybe rob a bank…hahaha, yeah right :P
5. Wands and the ability to cast spells & incantations…wow lol, this should’ve been 1st on my list :/
6. Messenger Owls…fun & informative
7. Newspapers w/ moving pictures!
8.Hermione’s Time-Turner from HP 3! First of all, it’s a beautiful necklace/accessorie. Second of all, it would be awesome to travel back in time & forward in time
9. Diagon Alley! Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Gringotts Goblin Bank, Ollivander’s Wand Shop, etc.
10. The Marauder’s Map! From HP3 & 6, this would be the perfect creeping device lol & it would just be fun to watch the lil feet move  I have a replica from WWoHP in Universal Studios FL…wish it was real <3
11. Quidditch! Played in HP movies 1,2,3, & 6…it sounds like an awesome game; one I would actually watch on television lol
12.The Hogwarts Express! I’d love for that to be real, so then it could be my first train ride  & having Hogwarts be real would be a great first train destination lol
13. the Weasley’s clock in HP2..I thought it was really cool!
14. Floo Powder seen in HP 2, 5, 7 movies…another great way to travel!
15. Hermione’s Handbag from HP7s…I’d love to carry a lot of my fav items with me @ all times!
16. the Knight Bus…it would be a real crazy ride but the guy on HP3 looked very undisturbed while sleeping haha
17. Professor McGonagall’s ability to change into a cat! I would prefer a different animal, but hey, still awesome :)
18. Professor Dumbledore! You all know why he should be real lol 
19. Buckbeak the Hippogriff! Oh hell, all hippogriffs lol :D
20 & 21. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley! They seem like great people to have around…brains + entertainment lol 
22 & 23. Hagrid and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry acceptence letters! Great combo from the 1st movie XD Lmao

24. The Boy Who Lived, The Chosen One, The Only- Harry Potter of course XD no HP countdown could be complete w/out Harry himself!

My new years resolution:

Try to be happier w/ my life (get out of the house more, see people I haven’t in a while, voice my feelings better, save $, etc), stick to exercise 3x a week, sweets only on Weds & only drink soda + alcohol on Fri & Sat

Smith &amp; Wesson 5906&#160;9mm&#8230;first time shooting a pistol!

Smith & Wesson 5906 9mm…first time shooting a pistol!

Haven’t been on here in forever & I feel terrible about that! Here’s my post about 2013 from FB:

"2013 most definitely had it’s ups & downs: couldn’t return to school bc a major test stands in my way, lost a family member (RIP Jim), & felt like I lost touch w/ a lot of friends…but goods: Got a job at KNF that I love & feel I’m really good at, plus the kids are awesome! Welcomed my 3rd niece Remmi + my 1st nephew Colt in Aug , my Jon made me his fiancee in Sept; I COULDN’T BE MORE IN LOVE W/ HIM , and I wish I could write about more, but the status is too long already lmao hope all my friends & family have a safe and fun New Year…welcoming 2014 w/ a LOTR marathon, some RumChata cupcakes, & of course my Jon!!!!!! <3

Wedding ideas from the Decatur Bridal Expo on January 11, 2014! The bridesmaid dress would be red not pink, but i like that style :)